CCC Question Paper DOEACC Exam Pattern Modal Paper

CCC Question Paper 2017 of DOEACC Exam Pattern based on Latest CCC Solved Question  series with Answer Key solution. Online Test Exam Paper Provided below with 100 questions of doeacc ccc question paper  with answer key

Choose the correct answer of the following multiple choice question.
1. A light pen
a) Is a pointing device
b) Is an optical scanner
c) Uses magnetic ink
d) None of the above

2. Which of the following devices can be used to directly input printed text?
a) OCR b) OMR
d) None of the above

3. An input device that uses switch contacts placed under a plastic pad which may be inscribed with a symbol in known as:
a) Punched card b) Touch Pad
c) Punched paper tape
d) None of the above

4. Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second
a) Static RAM b) Dynamic RAM
d) ROM

5. MIPS stand for
a)Millions of instruction per per Second
b)Multiple Instruction Per Second
c) Multiple Information Per Second
d) None Of above

6. Computer’s speed in measured in
a) Minute b)Second
c) Clock cycle d) Edit, Paste Special

7. Which command is used to establish a link between a source document and destination document.
a)Tools, Link, document
b)Tools Link
c)Edit, Link
d)Edit, Paste Special

8. Which is true When you insert an excel worksheet into a word document ?
a) Word is the destination document
b) Excel is the destination document
c)The worksheet is the destination document
d)The document is the Source document

9. Pictures or drawings, typically displayed on a VDU to allow users to select program option is called
a)Graphics b)HIPO charts
c)Icon d)None of the above

10. A monitor looks like a TV set but it does not
a)Receive TV signals b) Give a clear picture
c) Display graphics d)None of the above

11. For large networks………………….topology is used
b) Star
c) Ring
d) None of the above

12. When sharing data in office, the ……….document is the document in which the data was first entered.
a) Source
b) Destination
c) Original
d) Primary

13. Which option enables automatic updated in destination documents?
a) Embedding
b) Objects
c) Links
d) Relationships

14. While typing in a word field manually, what must you press to insert the code’s braces?
a) Ctrl+ F6
b) Ctrl+ F9
c) Alt+ F11
d) Shift+ F12

15. Which of the following a search engine continuously sends out that start on a homepage of a server and pursue all links stepwise?
a) Spiders
b) packets
c) cookies
d)None of the above

16. Which one of the following can be entered as a number in a cell?
b) (5000.00)
c) 1.1e + 2
d) All of the above

17. Software instructions intended to satisfy a users specific processing needs are called……………
a) system software
b) Microcomputer
c) Documentation
d) Application Software

18. The disadvantage of dynamic RAM over static RAM is:
a) Higher Power consumption
b) Variable speed
c) Higher bit density
d) None of the above

19. What would you use immediate, real-time communication with a friend?
a) Instant Messaging
b) E-mail
c) Usenet
d) Blog

20. Which of the following function will return a value of 8 ?
a) ROUNDUP (8.4999, 0)
b) ROUNDDOWN (8. 4999, 0)
c) ROUND (8.4999.0)
D) Both (b) and (c)

21. Which of the following is a part of the central Processing unit
a) Keyboard
b) Printer
c) Tape
d) Arithmetic Logic Unit

22. Which of the following is correct ?
a) = AVERAGE (4,5,6,7)
b) =AVERAGE (A1,B1,C1)
c) =AVERAGE (A1:A9,B1:B9)
d) = All of the above

23. A plotter is
a) An input device to produce good quality graphics
b) An output device to produce drawings and graphics
c) A fast output device using camera lenses
d) None of these

24. CPU reads the information from secondary memory
a) Directly
b) First, information is transferred to main memory nd from there, the CPU reads
c) Through registers
d) None of these

25. In computer terminology , information means
a) Raw
b) Data
c) Data is more useful or intelligible form
d) Alphanumeric data program

26. Supercomputers are primarily useful for
a) Input –output intensive processing
b) Mathematical Intensive scientific application
c) Data retrieval operations
d) None of these

27. What is the max data capacity of STP?
a) 10 mbps b) 100 mbps
c) 1000 mbps d) 10000 mbps

28. Using Borders in Excel you
a) Can add lines above , below or to either side of a cell
b) can add a signal line or multiple lines , along one side of a cell or around it
c) Both a and b above are correct
d) None of the above

29. The length of a file’s name under Win95/98/XP………………
a) is limited to 11 characters
b) is limited to 255 characters
c) is not limited in length
d) Can contain only one space

30. You will probably use Borders in word where
a) You wish to add emphasis to particular paragraphs
b) You wish to draw lines above and below or to left and right of paragraphs you
c) wish to surround the paragraphs with different style of boxes
d) All of the above

31. The………….portion of LAN management software restricts access, records user activities and audit data etc.
a) Configuration management
b) Security management
c) Performance management
d) None of the above

32. Before creating a master document , you must switch to ……
a) Normal view
b) Outline view
b) Web Layout view
d) Print Layout view

33. A standalone program that has been modified to work on a LAN by including concurrency controls such as file and record locking is an example of ……………….
a) LAN intrinsic software
b) LAN-aware software
c) Groupware
d) LAN ignorant software

34. A relatively new technology that allows wireless connectivity is called …………….
a) Bluetooth
b) Blacktooth
c) Blueband
d) Broadband

35. The Magnifier button is available on the
a) Print Preview toolbar
b) Standard toolbar
c) Formatting toolbar
d) None of the above

36. Most Web-enabled devices follows a standard known as
a) FireWire
b) Bluetooth
d) Wi-Fi

37. In the print dialog box of word, you can select
a) All page in a range
b) Odd pages
c) Even pages
d) Any of the above

38. Which of the following can be used to navigate documents?
a) Frames
b) hyperlinks
c) Web toolbar
d) All of the above

39. After a table has been created which of the following operations cannot be performed
a) Insert rows in a table
b) Delete and insert columns
c) Split the table insert columns
d) None of the above

40. A word file can be save as a web page which is a document that consist of one or more such as
a) That can be read be a Web browser such as the Internet Explorer
b) Saved in HTML Format
c) Which helps distribute information over the Internet
d) All of the above

41. The ability to combine name and addresses with a standard document formatting
a) document formatting
b) database management
c) Mail merge
d) Form letters

42. A credit card sized expansion board that is inserted into portable computers that connects the modem to the telephone wall jack is the ………….
a) Internal modem
b) External modem
c) PC card modem
d) Wireless modem

43. X.25 is an example of ………………
a) Circuit switched
d) Packet switched
c) Message switched
d) None of the above

44. An error in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer jargon for it?
a) Leech
b) Slug
c) Squid
d) Glitch

45. A modem that is contained within the system unit is called a (n) ………… Modem.
a) external
b) Internal
c) Wireless
d) Wi-Fi

46. In Word drop caps applied to
a) Characters
b) Sentences
c) Words
d) None of the above

47. The online non-commercial interaction between local and central government and the commercial business sector rather than private individuals is part of ………….model.
a) Government to citizen or Government to consumer (G2C)
b) Government to business (G2B)
c) Government to Government (G2G)
d) Government to Employees (G2E)

48. A system unit of personal computer typically contains all of the following except
a) Microprocessor
b) Disk controller
c) Serial interface
d) Modem

49. S/MIME in internet technology stands for
a) Secure multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
b) Secure Multimedia Internet Mail Extension
c) Simple Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
d) Simple Multimedia Internet Mail Extension

50. The Purpose of the MOVE command is to
a) move one or more files to the locations you specify
b) rename directories
c) both (a) and (b) above
d) None of the above

CCC Exam True /false Question
51. The FTP protocol is used to transfer, access and manage files

52. Netscape Messenger is the e-mail client packaged with Netscape Communicator 4.0.

53. Bandwidth allows multiple users to transmit over the same wireless channel using spread spectrum

54. VDU stand for very dull unit

55. MIB is used in SMTP

56. Style can be used to generate a table of contents quickly in word

57. 3-D charts have a category (x) axis a value (y) axis and a third (Z) axis

58. FTP servers store files that you can transfer to or from your computer if you have an FTP client

59. The protocol used to transfer HTML pages is called Hyperlink

60. CD-ROM stores larger volume of information as compared to floppy disk and Hard disk

61. Fetching of n instructions for execution is done by the control unit

62. In Excel , pressing Ctrl+Spacebar select the entire row

63. In Excel standard width of a column is 18.43

64. HTML files are text files only

65. The Favorites feature of Internet Explorer allows you to save the URLs of web pages you visit frequently

66. The e-mil component of Internet Explorer is called MSN address

67. ARP is an Internet protocol used to map an IP address to MAC address

68. STP allows you to upload and download files over the internet

69. A web is a program that you computer runs to communicate with web servers on the Internet

70. A search tool is a specialized website that helps you find web pages containing desired information

71. The act of exploring web is known as surfing

72. A set of rules is known as protocol

73. You can search for a file in Windows even if you can only part of the file name

74. IP address is given to every computer for its unique identification

75. ISP is company that provides an Internet connection

76. Hypertext enables you to read and navigate text and visual information in a nonlinear way base on What you want to know text.

77. A smart terminal has in built processing capability

78. An on line text based communication between Internet users is called as chat

79. Mail services are available to network users through the application layer

80. ADP works on transport layer of OSI reference model

81. E-mail can be used to send broadcast messages but only within your own company

82. POP3 protocol is used by outlook express to fetch mail from the mail server

83. You can have different header and footer on each sheet of a workbook

84. Hypertext enables you to read and navigate text and visual information in a nonlinear way base on what you want to know text

85. Chat rooms are actual rooms where chat session takes place

86. Telephone network is multi-cast network

87. The data to be drawn as a chart wizard is started

88. POP is also called Post office protocol

89. Transmission control protocol is communication oriented protocol in the internet and work with the underlying protocol IP

90. ATM is based on cell switching

91. The size of computer is small in second generation of computers

92. Dial up connections is always better than leased line

93. The Internet is based on IP datagram

94. Usenet and Internet is the same thing

95. At a time you can open as many Word documents as you Taskbar can display

96. Graphics cannot be placed in header and footers in MS-Word

97. It is always possible to shrink a document to one page

98. Microcomputer is called micro because it consists of microprocessor

99. In word a new column next to which it is inserted

100. You cannot use different page numbering styles in different sections of your document

1. (a) 2.(c) 3.(d) 4.(b) 5.(a) 6.(c) 7.(d)
8.(a) 9.(c) 10.(d) 11.(b) 12.(a) 13.(c) 14.(b)
15.(b) 16.(c) 17.(d) 18.(c) 19.(a) 20.(d) 21.(d)
22.(d) 23.(b) 24.(b) 25.(c) 26.(b) 27.(b) 28.(c)
29.(b) 30.(d) 31.(b) 32.(b) 33.(a) 34.(a) 35.(a)
36.(d) 37.(d) 38.(b) 39.(d) 40.(d) 41.(c) 42.(c)
43.(a) 44.(d) 45.(b) 46.(d) 47.(b) 48.(d) 49.(a)
50.(a) 51.(T) 52.(T) 53.(T) 54.(F) 55.(F) 56.(T)
57.(T) 58.(T) 59.(F) 60.(F) 61.(T) 62.(F) 63.(F)
64.(F) 65.(T) 66.(F) 67.(T) 68.(F) 69.(F) 70.(T)
71.(T) 72.(T) 73.(T) 74.(T) 75.(T) 76.(T) 77.(T)
78.(T) 79(T) 80.(F) 81.(F) 82.(T) 83.(T) 84.(T)
85.(T) 86.(F) 87.(F) 88.(T) 89.(F) 90.(T) 91.(F)
92.(F) 93.(F) 94.(F) 95.(T) 96.(F) 97.(T) 98.(T)
99.(T) 100.(T)


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